Get Paid to Test Mobile Apps

Something many people don’t realise when using their favourite mobile apps is that these apps were not designed in a vacuum. App developers will usually spend a great deal of their time developing and refining the user experience, attempting to make their app as easy to use and appealing as possible.

This isn’t an easy task for a developer. Their judgement is clouded by many factors. They may have trouble deciding how to structure menus. They may not even know what to include on their menus. They may be debating different colour schemes, animations, etc. Sometimes they are quite simply too invested in something and have become emotionally attached to a particular interface design, element or philosophy. This is where app testers come in.

Smart app developers know that the best way to optimise their app experience is to employ real users to guide their decision making process. What may have seemed like a great idea to at the time may well be too complicated or ugly to appeal to a regular user. If an app isn’t pleasant to use, many users will simply uninstall an app and search for an alternative.

This is far too simple. The app stores for both Apple and Android contain dozens of alternatives for users seeking a particular app, even for the most specialised of apps. It is therefore imperative that app developers find testers to ensure their app has the best chance of success.

So where do app developers find people to test their apps? Some may reach out to friends and family. This is okay at the early stages, however we all know that asking someone close to us to test something we’ve created isn’t usually the best idea. Friends and relatives can be too afraid to offend, so will often be too nice in their assessments.

This is where services matching app developers and app testers come in. In order to find good candidates for testing their apps, developers and testers employ third party matching services.

By signing up with one of these services, you too can become a paid app tester. We will be bringing you more on this in the future but, for now, our favourite service is appcoiner.

This service is simple to use. Simply register for their service and select apps to review. Once you’re review is submitted, you receive prompt payment for your work. There is no limit to the number of apps you can test and new ones are being added to the queue all the time.